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Amsterdam native singer/songwriter Rose Doolan delivers deeply personal, folk-inspired songs about the unexpected beauty that lies in life’s darker corners. Endowed with a deep, clear, and warm voice, her simple but catchy guitar arrangements, and a gift for writing scenic lyrics, has lead to Doolan being compared to legends Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling.


Doolan began playing classical piano at the age of six, at which age she also started writing poetry. At 13 she picked up her mother’s guitar and taught herself to play her favorite songs, and, not much later, to write her own.


Newly graduated, she ignored her freshly obtained university degree in anthropology and applied for a summer program in songwriting at the New York University. She hung around in New York and San Francisco where she wrote most of the songs of her debut EP ‘Free As I Said I Would Be’. Doolan chose to record the songs live and to keep any editing and mixing to a minimum, retaining the emotion captured in the recording.


In November 2018 Doolan released her first single ‘November Rain’. That year, November turned out to be a very dry November, however, on the day of the release it rained. ‘Free As I Said I Would Be’ was released in the spring of 2019.


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